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Computer Planet serves as a resource for positive social change by leveraging modern technologies and pooling the collective strength of our community for the greater good. Computer Planet provides nonprofit organizations with free technologies to increase productivity and gain exposure for their cause.

Our Goals

In addition, Computer Planet maintains a strong commitment to our environment in the fight against e-waste by providing free computer recycling and refurbishment to get technology to the members of our global community that need it most. Computer Planet is a means for change, a catalyst for creativity, and a support for those that support others.
Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling

Recycling a computer is Colorado has never been easier. Whenever you have some old computer equipment, simply let us know and we'll drop by to pick it up. Then volunteers work to refurbish the equipment and we give it away to people in need.
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Volunteer Today

Enjoy helping others as much as we do? We can always use the help. If you'd like to help volunteer your time, simply fill out the form located here and tell us about yourself
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To become one of our members for free support services contact us today. We love to support worthy 501(c)3 causes World Wide, and help people that help others. Sign up for free membership to become a part of our Computer Planet.
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Empowering Through Education

We believe that communication is the key to education and computers are the key to communication. Connecting people with the resources they need to succeed is one of our highest focuses. That's we regularly give away computers recycled by the community to help reduce e-waste, and give someone a chance at connecting with the world and finding new information in ways they may never have before. To date we've helped to recycle and reduce e-waste by more than 100 tons and found new uses for old equipment to keep electronics out of landfills.

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